Thursday, April 28, 2011

Layouts! Storms! Seriously!

OK....I of course have some layouts to show you.....the first one is from a sketch from Creative Scrappers #153.  I am also using it as a submission to a challenge on Tallyscrapper which will benefit an Elephant Sanctuary!  How cool is THAT!

I also have a layout done for another Tallyscrapper challenge involving using an imperfect photo...this one is fuzzy and out of focus and horribly cropped....I used the Tallyscrapper Monthly Kit which is AMAZING!  I used all kit except for that ribbon hanging the banner....which is my first banner by the way!
Well guys....I guess that's about all for  now....just do me a favor and hit that there follow's a new blog for me and it looks lonely right now!  <3  Have a GREAT day!

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