Monday, April 2, 2012

Bloggity Banner and a tutorial!

Well Hello there friends! I hope this April finds you all well! I have been wanting to do a new blog banner for awhile now, and, well, here it is! I am in LOVE with making my own letters right now. I got the idea from a friend of mine over at Tallyscrapper, Tallysmacker. She makes these fabulous letters that she hand draws and I was in <3! Well....I am not so artistic, so I have to trace them.
Next, I trace over my pencil lines with a permenant marker. I like Sharpies because: #1-they bleed and I love that unfinished look #2-they hold up well to what I use to color in my letters.
Next, because I REALLY love that messy look, I go over my letters a second time and make sure to NOT follow the lines exactly.
Next, I erase my pencil lines, because, well....DUH! Who wants those?
Now comes the fun stuffs! I am in LOVE <3 with watercolors right now. Nothing fancy, just plain old Crayola watercolors. I picked a color that complimented my papers (Orange), and I painted the letters all the way through and out of the lines a bit.
Next I take a skinnier brush and pick another color to go around the edges. Again, I like the messy look so I'm not too precise.
I then take a large brush and some water and run it over the letters to blend and soften the edges. It ends up looking kinda like this:
I cut these out (after they dry of course). I like to leave a little bit of paper outside of the lines....I don't know why, It's just how I roll.
THEN? The magic happens.....I glue it down!
I am sure you were waiting for something more but....hey....that's all folks! <3 Katie


  1. I miss making my own blog banner, its been a long time. Freakin LOVE yours! You got mad skillz gf!