Monday, April 23, 2012


Stole this from Amy Tan's blog.... Drinking: Swiss brand Diet Decaf Iced Tea. Eating: Whole Wheat buttered noodles with salt. Wearing: Phillies tee shirt, sweat pants and DC sneakers. Feeling: Blah. Weather: cold, overcast and rainy. Wanting: For my hubby to get a new job that is less stressful for him and makes better $. Thinking: I'm a slacker cause I let dd Olivia stay home because we never got around to her science fair project due today! LOL Wondering: Why my BFF has to live over an hour away. Carrying: In my purse? Sheesh.....wallet, notebook, pens/pencils, camera, phone, hole punch (WTF?) Kindle Fire, Baby Lips, Femenine products, fiber bars for the kids if they get hungry somewhere, change, Marlboro Menthols and a lighter. Well....that was a time sucker! LMAO....time to get off of here and get some stuffs done! If you decide to steal this link me up! I would LOVE to check out your answers. <3 Katie

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  1. LOL Glad I'm not the only one who has let a child stay home bc of a project due. It gets worse, but I will never tell on myself. HAHAH
    Hope your prayers are answered and that you are feeling super mega hot n ready to take on the world soon! xoxo